Windows 10 version 21H2 to launch this year with a few new features

Back in June, our sources revealed
Microsoft wants to split the second-half Windows release
into two updates: one for consumers with big changes and
another for enterprise customers who want to keep using the
current Windows 10 for an additional year.

When we first heard the rumours of two Windows updates, we
didn’t even know what the next update for consumers would be
called. On June 24,
Microsoft confirmed the next generation of Windows is Windows
11. At the same time, Microsoft said it’ll continue to
support Windows 10.

In October, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 version
21H2, otherwise known as October 2021 Update. This new feature
update is for those who can’t download or install Windows 11
due to new hardware requirements, Microsoft’s slow rollout or
the radical design changes.

Microsoft will continue to work on Windows 10 until 2025, but
the changes coming to Windows 10 with new feature updates
wouldn’t be as significant as before. For example, version 21H2
is expected to ship with a few new features, including new
controls for Windows Hello.

New features and improvements

Windows 10 May 2021 Update (version 21H2), Microsoft
enabled support for multiple  Windows Hello cameras when
external and built-in Windows Hello-capable cameras are present
on the device.

Starting with version 21H2, you can use an external Windows
Hello compatible camera when the laptop is closed or docked,
according to the updated
support document.

In another document, Microsoft said TPM
attestation will be supported on Intel TPM Tiger Lake platforms
with Windows 10 21H2 or higher.

According to a new group policy in the preview builds,
Microsoft’s XPS Document Writer can now generate OpenXPS
(*.oxps) files by default in version 21H2 and Windows Server

If you enable this new feature, the default MXDW output format
is the legacy Microsoft XPS (‘.xps). If you disable or do not
configure this policy setting, the default MXDW output format
is (*.oxps).

Likewise, Microsoft is also believed to be working on
improvements for Universal Print and deployment features
like Windows Autopilot.

The future of Windows

As mentioned, the second minor update to Windows 10 will be
delivered as 21H2 to both consumers and enterprises in October.
Similar to May 2021 Update, this year’s second minor update
will be delivered via traditional Windows Update channels and
it will be based on the enablement package.

Windows 10 21H2 Build 19044

In other words, version 21H2 will update your device to Windows
10 Build 19044 (increment from Build 19043). This minor update
would let enterprise users postpone the new Windows 11 redesign
and Microsoft will be supporting the enterprise edition of
version 21H2 for a few years.

On the other hand, Windows 11 will be handed out only to select
consumers with supported hardware later this year. However,

Windows 11 wider rollout is not expected until early 2022.

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