Windows 10 version 1903 includes performance improvements for AMD

Windows 10 for Desktop
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From Windows Sandbox to light theme to UI improvements, Windows
10 May 2019 Update has plenty to offer. Microsoft’s latest
Windows 10 monolithic update also includes performance
improvements for AMD-powered computers.

Windows 10 version 1903 comes with updated Windows
scheduler to work better with AMD’s hardware. In previous
versions, Windows 10’s scheduler has been found to be
affecting the performance of AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Microsoft and AMD have been working on fixing these problems. A
Scheduler update for Windows is part of Windows 10 version 1903
and it includes improvements that will allow Windows 10 to
utilise the characteristics of Ryzen in a better way.

Microsoft’s update will change the way the system allows the
scheduler to interact with Ryzen CPUs. It is part of Microsoft
and AMD’s efforts to make Windows 10 more aware of the
Ryzen design and core topology.

Windows 10 and AMD

AMD has shared some slides which show a 6% boost in launch
speed of PCMARK 10’s app and 15% improvement in Rocket League
when played at 1080p.

These changes will cut latency and improve improvement by
allowing the process threads to stick to single core
complex. It will also allow Windows 10 to utilize the
aggressive clock speed boost and improve the system’s

Windows 10 and Ryzen

As Windows 10 is now more aware of the design of the AMD CPU,
you’ll also notice faster clock speed ramping.

The Ryzen CPUs are finally more responsive when clock speeds
are changed. Previously, the speed selection change required
30ms, but it can now happen in just 1-2ms, which is a
significant boost.

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