Windows 10 update will finally fix the frustrating bug with PCs

Windows 10 update frustrating bug

Windows 10 is braced for an update that will come with fixes
for a frustrating flaw that users have been reporting for about
a year now.

For some devices, Windows 10 has been going seriously wrong
when applying updates from Windows Update. In some cases, users
are presented with an
error that could potentially leave their devices stuck in an
update installation loop.

Following a lot of chatter, reports and complaint on various
online forums, Microsoft has confirmed that they’re aware of
the bug that could put your computer in an endless update
installation loop.

The problem has been particularly observed with Intel drivers
and users receive a message saying “A current driver on your PC
may be better than the driver we’re trying to install. We’ll
keep trying to install”.

In addition, the Windows Update bug also attempts to downgrade
Windows 10 graphics drivers when you’ve newer and better
drivers already installed.

Windows Update driver error

In a post on Feedback Hub, Microsoft stated that they’ve made
changes based on the feedback and the fix will be available in
future builds.

“We’ve made an update with the Insider Dev Channel builds so
that this error will no longer be shown going forward,”
Microsoft said.

Feedback Hub bug report

It’s not clear how many devices are affected by this glitch,
but we’ve observed that users are still reporting the problem
almost every week.

In fact, we’ve seen several reports around Windows 10 update
driver issue popping up after users applied the Windows 10 May
2020 Update. It’s likely that more users will report the
problem again after the launch of Windows 10 version 20H2.

Previously, the main workaround mentioned by users was removing
existing drivers, using Microsoft basic display drivers, and
then installing the available update using Windows Update.

Another workaround involved reinstalling Windows 10 or system
reset, but now you don’t have to worry about these issues as
Microsoft has finally confirmed it.

The fix is already available in Insider preview builds and we
don’t know when it will be backported to older versions of
Windows 10, such as the October 2020 Update and May 2020

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