Windows 10 update to disable the unpopular ‘Shake to Minimize’ feature

Windows 10 Shake to Minimize

One of the great things about Windows is how intuitive it is.
The majority of its essential features can be easily accessed
by the users and they’re also heavily promoted by Microsoft.
There are some useful or unpopular features that are hidden
away and Microsoft is now planning to retire another unused

According to references found in the latest preview build, the
next update for Windows 10 will turn off the ‘Shake to
Minimize’ support in the operating system.

The feature is also known as ‘Aero Shake’ and it was first
introduced with Windows 7. It basically allows you to grab a
window by the title bar and shake it to minimize all other open
windows. This way you can close all the open windows when they
get in the way of your active/primary app window.

To use the feature, you need to select a program window with
the left mouse button and shake the cursor back and forth while
holding down the left click. If done properly, all your open
app windows will minimize to the taskbar and the focus will
shift to the primary window.

Shake to Minimize
Hold the title bar to shake and minimize

Shake to Minimize is particularly helpful when you need to
focus on a single window and you have tons of windows open but
you don’t want to go through each window and minimize it. With
this feature, you can simply shake your primary window and
minimize the other program windows.

At the same time, Shake to Minimize can get in the way of your
jittery mouse movements.

Currently, if you don’t like Aero Shake, you can disable it in
the Group Policy Editor or Windows Registry Editor.

In Windows 10 preview builds, Microsoft is now experimenting
with a new flag that will disable the Aero Shake (Shake to
Minimize) feature completely.

Note that this is an internal flag and plans are subject to
change, but if the standard process is followed, this feature
will stop working next year.

In addition to the Aero Shake feature,
Microsoft is planning to make Windows 7-era Snipping Tool
optional in Windows 10. This change is also expected to
happen in a feature update scheduled to launch next year.

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