Windows 10 update introduces a new copy-and-paste feature

Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard

An upcoming Windows 10 feature update is set to improve ‘Cloud
Clipboard’ with support for a few features, including ‘paste as
plain text’, emojis, GIFs and more. In addition to Cloud
Clipboard improvements, Microsoft is also testing a new Action
Center feature that will allow Bluetooth alerts to stay on the
screen for a few extra seconds.

As you may be aware, typing Win+V brings up the Clipboard
history experience on Windows 10. The Clipboard history screen
allows you to pin frequently-pasted items, access the history
of Ctrl+V, and sync the content across all your PCs if you
choose to enable it.

Microsoft is now testing a new update for Windows Clipboard
history that will allow you to access the “Paste as plain text”
option alongside the existing pin and delete buttons.

Windows Clipboard UI

By default, Windows 10 allows you to paste the text with the
“Ctrl + V” keyboard shortcut, which includes the original
formatting. When using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or any other
app, pasting content from a web page or another app using the
keyboard shortcut will always include the original formatting
(text style, such as bold, italic, font, etc).

In some apps like Microsoft Word, you can right-click in the
document to open the context menu and paste as plain text
(clean paste without formatting).

In version 21H2, Windows 10 is getting native support for
“Paste as plain text”, which means you can finally paste the
texts in all of your apps without any weird formatting.

To use this new feature, you would simply need to open
clipboard history (WIN + V) and click on the “Paste as plain
text” option under the item. This will allow the text to match
the formatting of the original document or the app.

Windows Clipboard to support emojis and GIFs

Emoji clipboard

Microsoft has added a new panel to the clipboard history that
will allow users to insert GIFs, emoji and kaomoji. This will
make it easier for users to insert the media contents in
WhatsApp, Messenger, emails, etc.

Reports have also suggested that
Microsoft is working to extend clipboard history to all Android
phones and tablets with the SwiftKey keyboard app.

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