Windows 10 update causing BSOD, slow performance for some users

Windows 10 Blue Screen

Microsoft released a batch of new Windows Updates that cause
massive problems for some users. The recent ‘bug-fixing’
updates pushed out by the company could be one of the worst
yet, resulting in Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors,
performance issues, and other bugs.

Microsoft released two updates – Windows 10 KB4549951 and
Windows 10 KB4566782 on August 11 to introduce several
security fixes, including security patch for input devices
(mouse, keyboard, or pen).

A number of users found that this patch introduced more
problems than it corrects.
Plenty of people couldn’t install the update at all, while
others kept running into Blue Screen of Death and even Green
Screen of Death errors.

“19041.450 and 19041.423 (last month’s preview) both break my
Thinkpad X390 pretty badly when Hyper-V is installed. The
Windows Hello camera stops working, and the machine BSODs when
going to sleep or when trying to run Lenovo Vantage,” one user

Windows 10 BSOD error

Blue Screens of Death are appearing intermittently, but other
users are experiencing a loop of errors during the normal
operations of the OS.

“I installed last Tuesday, August 2020 update and broke my IR
cam too on my X1EG2, and BSOD on Lenovo Vantage,” another user

Based on the reports, it appears that
Windows 10’s August 2020 cumulative updates could be
crashing some computers (mostly Lenovo ThinkPad hardware) when
Hyper-V, Intel virtualization or Windows Sandbox features are

Lenovo users have also flagged issues with Windows 10 August
security patch and turning off virtualization feature resolves
the problem for them.

If you don’t use any of the aforementioned features and you
still get Blue Screen of Death errors, you need to roll back to
the previous version of Windows.

Performance, network issues

Depending on your version of Windows 10, you’ll receive either
KB4549951 or KB4566782 update. Some of the issues discovered by
users include system slowdown, increased boot time, lower fps
counts in games, external hard drives not working, and slow
File Explorer.

“Whenever I try to open any anything my screen freezes and
respond a few seconds later. It freezes frequently when I try
to open a folder, video, music, code editor, Android Emulator,
Adobe XD or any other window it freezes,” one user noted, and
others have also documented similar problem.

“This update has made computer unusable. Windows explorer
launches and freezes. Cannot use my external hard drives.
Booting freezes. All sorts of problems. I now have to spend
hours wiping and reinstalling everything,” another user

Similarly, others have also reported increased boot time and
system slowdown after they installed the August 2020 update.

Again, it is worth noting that not everyone is experiencing
problems with the update, but if you do face issues, you’re
advised to uninstall the patch and pause the update.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on the reports yet.

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