Windows 10 update breaks Windows Defender protection


Update for Windows Defender broke the antivirus scans on
Windows 10, with the antivirus protection software reporting
error “Items Skipped During Scan”. For many users, Windows
Defender scans are failing after a couple of minutes,
confirming that “scan was skipped” and no threats were
discovered on the device.

It’s not clear what items were skipped during the scan by
Windows Defender and we also don’t know if Microsoft’s
antivirus software is able to detect any threats on Windows 10.

It’s possible that Windows Defender warnings are false and
scans were performed successfully. In our testing, both
manual and automatic scans are failing with the following error

Item skipped in scan, due to exclusion setting, or network
scanning disabled by admin

Windows Defender scan skipped

Windows Defender version 4.18.2003 or newer apparently
introduced this bug when Microsoft was trying to fix other
issues. The problem is specific to Windows 10, as other Windows
operating systems including Windows 7 and 8 are not affected by
this glitch.

“I do get that message with a manual quick scan or with a full
scan. It happens whether/not I turn off Cloud-delivered
Protection or Controlled Folder Access. I didn’t try the other
settings. I’ve got no folder excluded,” one user reported.

“It seems like something caused the notification settings with
the latest update to get weird. I did a scan with malwarebytes
after and found nothing. I did also do a sfc /scannow and it
found a corrupt file which seems to be related to OneDrive but
that seems unrelated,” another poster noted in Reddit.

According to the error message, Windows Defender Antivirus
scans are skipped due to an item’s exclusion or network
scanning settings. Since the exclusion doesn’t appear to be the
issue in user reports, it’s likely to be associated with a
particular defender update or other updates pushed by Microsoft
and device manufacturer.

Microsoft has yet to document problems with Windows Defender,
but it appears that the offline scan feature is working without
any issues at the moment.

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