Windows 10 to offer Paint and WordPad as optional features

Windows 10 20H1, also known as version 2004, will introduce

multiple new features and under the hood improvements to
the operating system. Windows 10 version 2004 also includes a
new Optional features settings page and two important
tools—Paint and WordPad are now optional.

In Windows 10 20H1, Microsoft is offering both Paint and
WordPad as optional features. We have verified this in Build
19041, which is the
rumoured RTM candidate.

Many Windows 10 optional features are enabled by default and
can be disabled through the Settings application in Windows 10.
You can open Optional features page via Settings app and it
lets you manage certain businesses apps or features such as
OpenSSH Server or WMI SNMP Provider.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has started to turn some core
Windows apps into optional features. After Windows Media
Player, Microsoft has added both Paint and WordPad to Optional
features list, but both tools are still enabled by default,
unlike Media Player.

Paint optional

This change does not remove Paint or WordPad from Windows 10,
but you can now disable both apps and also remove traces of
these apps from the Start Menu and other locations.

The size of Microsoft Paint is 6.68 MB and WordPad occupies
6.25 MB of your internal storage.

Paint removed

As you can see in the above screenshot, a system reboot is
required to uninstall Paint and WordPad. After reboot, both
apps disappear from Start menu search and Windows Run.

In previous versions of Windows, you cannot disable or
uninstall Paint and WordPad.

Paint error

Microsoft’s decision to make these apps optional doesn’t mean
that the tools will be removed in a future Windows update.

The tech giant previously considered bringing Paint to
Microsoft Store, but the company decided against removing it
from the OS. As for WordPad, Microsoft has yet to announce its
future plans for the word processor app.

Windows 10’s 20H1 update has already been finalized and
Microsoft is expected to ship it to the mainstream users in
April or May. After 20H1 rollout, Microsoft will begin working
on 20H2 for October/November launch.

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