Windows 10 to get three new features for power users

Windows 10 power user features

Microsoft is working on a PowerToys update that will introduce
a range of new features and further expand customization
options on Windows 10.

For those unaware, PowerToys is an open-source tool created by
Microsoft for your everyday tasks, such as customizing existing
keyboard shortcuts, bulk renaming files, image optimization and

PowerToys features are developed by both Microsoft and the
development community. One of the upcoming features includes
the ability to quickly explore the Windows Registry.

As you may be aware, editing the Registry is often the easiest
way to tweak Windows 10’s settings, apps and even interface. At
the same time, exploring settings via Registry editor can be a
difficult task, especially if you’ve never edited the Registry
directly before.

Registry edit

To make things easier for advanced users, Microsoft is
considering a new feature for PowerToys that will allow you to
instantly find Registry keys of Windows 10.

With this tool, you can find all main keys, show all values
from a registry key, and more.

Windows Services plugin for PowerToys

Thanks to the contribution by developer Davide Giacometti, you
can soon use PowerToys to quickly search, start, stop and
restart Windows services. For those unaware, Windows Service is
a program that allows you to manage long-running executable
apps/services, such as Windows Update and Microsoft Store.

Windows Services

These services are started automatically when Windows boots and
PowerToys will soon allow you to quickly pause and resume
services without opening the Windows Services app.

A new way to execute OS commands

With the next PowerToys update, Microsoft plans to introduce
the ability to execute system commands – shutdown, sleep,
switch user account, and hibernate directly via the Windows

Windows Commands

Microsoft is currently planning to add support for the
following commands:

  • Sleep – send the PC to sleep
  • Hibernate – send the PC to sleep
  • Shutdown – turn off the PC
  • Switch user – switch user account

Currently, no definitive release date has been set for the
arrival of the next big PowerToys update, but these features
are expected to
land with PowerToys v0.31 in January.

In addition to these three tools,
Microsoft is also working on a new font rendering system
and WinUI improvements for PowerToys.

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