Windows 10 to get new features for Cortana, web apps, WSL & more

Remember earlier this year, when
Microsoft turned Cortana into a new windowed app that can
be unlocked and updated via Store on Windows 10? This new
approach has pluses and minuses, but Microsoft has confirmed
that they’re working on a couple of new features for the
digital assistant.

Microsoft says it will allow Cortana to intelligently search
documents across your Windows 10 devices in your local or
shared drives.

For example, if you search for “show me the recent sales
prediction”, Cortana will render a list of relevant results
(Excel or PowerPoints) associated with the keyword you entered.

Cortana for Windows 10 is also getting support for features
which were previously available in Microsoft Outlook. For
example, you’ll be able to ask work-specific queries, dictate
and schedule quick emails via the digital assistant.

Cortana for Windows 10

Microsoft has also returned Cortana’s ability to respond to
wake word (“Cortana”) in the US, UK, and other regions.

Web apps in Microsoft Store

Microsoft has today confirmed that WebView2 on Windows 10 will
be powered by the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

This will allow developers to update their web apps to use
Chromium’s rendering engine. In future, you can expect Windows
Store-based apps such as Twitter and Uber to get WebView2
support with better performance, new features, and endless new

Progressive Web Apps

At Ignite 2020, Microsoft also noted that they’ve committed
more than 3,700 individual code commits to the Chromium

According to the Chromium gerrit, Microsoft has contributed to
areas like core features, fundamentals, accessibility, and
developer tools.

WSL and Terminal

For power users and developers, Microsoft has announced major
improvements coming to Windows Subsystem for Linux and Windows

As part of the new update, Microsoft says it will enable WSL2
support in Windows 10 version 1903+. In addition, Microsoft
will also add features to the Linux subsytsems in older
versions of Windows 10. This includes the new “wsl –install”
and GUI support, which are currently in testing in the Windows
Insider Program.

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal, which allows you to access command-line tools
in one place, is getting support for hyperlinks, jump list, and
new command palette in the next update.

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