Windows 10 to get graphics listing pane, built-in conferencing tool

According to new code references spotted in preview builds of
Windows 10, Microsoft is working on multiple improvements for
your device. The software giant recently published Windows 10
Build 20211 to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel with Linux
improvements and several hidden changes.

As we reported earlier today, Microsoft is currently planning
redirect at least two pages of the Control Panel to the modern
Settings app. This is part of the company’s ultimate plan
to kill off the legacy system settings on Windows 10.

In addition, a scan of the Microsoft Program Database (PDB)
files in Build 20211 revealed that the software giant is also
working on new features relating to Windows 10’s Settings app
and system tray shell.

Based on the references inside Windows 10 Build 20211,
Microsoft is finally planning to surface your graphics card
information in the Settings > System > About. If you have
one or two graphics card, Windows 10’s system about pane will
finally list them below the processor information.

Graphics information

Another reference inside the same preview build shows that
Microsoft could integrate Skype’s free conferencing tool
directly into the shell of Windows 10.

As shown in the screenshot below, the next update will add a
‘Skype Meet’ button to the system tray. It appears that the
feature is directly baked into the shell of Windows 10, but you
can always hide it if you don’t like it.

If you click on the meet icon, a flyout will appear, which
allows you to create a meeting or join a meeting by entering
the invite code.

Windows 10 Meet Now

Unlike Microsoft Teams, Windows 10’s new feature called ‘Meet
Now’ lets you start a chat, call, or conference video call
without having to sign up for Skype or Microsoft account. In
fact, you don’t even need to download the app to your desktop
and it’s free like Zoom.

You can click on either create a meeting or join a meeting
option, and complete the voice or video call setup in your
browser, such as Microsoft Edge. If you have Skype installed,
you can complete the steps in the app.

Skype Meet Now

This could be Microsoft’s new way of competing with Zoom, which
reported a massive surge in users after ‘work from home’ or
‘learn from home’ started.

Windows 10’s Skype-based Meet Now tool is aimed at general
users i.e those who want to chat with friends, colleague, and

These improvements are expected to begin rolling out to
consumers later this year.

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