Windows 10 Task Manager is getting Microsoft Edge integration

Windows 10 Task Manager update

If you use Task Manager frequently, you may have noticed a long
list of web browser-related processors. Like Google Chrome and
other modern browsers, Microsoft Edge employs a multi-process
architecture, which results in a large number of processes.

In a multi-process architecture, companies split up and isolate
browser’s processes for better security and reliability. For
example, if an extension crashes or a webpage/tab stops
responding, other tabs and features will remain completely

In addition to performance, the multi-process architecture
ensures that your browser is secure and attackers cannot take
control of the device entirely. However, the problem with
the current approach is that users cannot understand what is
using their browser’s resources.

This can be frustrating and Microsoft is planning to improve
this aspect of Windows Task Manager with Sun Valley update. In
the next version of Windows 10, you can better understand where
your browser resources are going, which is particularly useful
when you’re dealing with performance issues.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently exclusive to Microsoft
Edge and it’s not yet clear when Microsoft will bring it to all
Chromium browsers.

Task Manager for Edge

As shown in the above screenshot, you can soon see a detailed
view of the browser’s running processes. For example, you can
see the browser process, GPU process, crashpad process, utility
(plug-in) process, extension processes, and as well as the name
of the service.

Websites, tabs and subframes will also appear in the Task
Manager under the site name.

Edge process

For some processes, you will see an arrow that will allow you
to expand the parent process, so you can see the other items
sharing that process. Only the total usage for the parent
process will be displayed and the remaining rows will remain

You may also see multiple versions of dedicated workers/service
workers. If you kill these processes manually, the
functionality of a tab may break.

This feature is expected to land later this year and it would
be a great way to understand why your browser has been using so
much of your computer’s resources.

In addition to Edge integration,
Windows Task Manager is also getting a new eco mode, which
could help you throttle resources usage with one click.

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