Windows 10 Sun Valley Update comes with new display and camera settings

Windows 10 Sun Valley update

Windows 10 Sun Valley update, otherwise known as version 21H2,
will ship with several improvements for the built-in Settings
app. In the new preview builds, Microsoft is now testing new
controls for display settings (select monitors), webcam
(requires external camera), and more.

In Windows 10 version 21H2, you can turn off “Content adaptive
brightness control”, which is a popular method of saving power.
For those uninitiated, devices use Content Adaptive Brightness
Control (CABC) feature to reduce the backlight depending on the
content being displayed on the screen.

However, in some cases, the implementation could be aggressive
and it can affect the colour accuracy. The next feature update
will finally allow you to disable the feature directly via the
Settings app. As shown in the screenshot below, users can turn
off the CABC by navigating to Settings > System >

Windows display settings

Camera settings in Windows 10

We don’t really have an easy way to configure cameras in
Windows 10, especially when you’ve multiple cameras connected
to the system.

In version 21H2, you can manage your camera, find a list of all
available cameras, and adjust the brightness and contrast via
the Settings app.

You can find the new camera settings by navigating to Settings
> Devices > Camera.

Camera settings

As can see in the above screenshot, you can select the camera
and click on the “Configure” button to access the additional
features, such as the option to change the default brightness
and contrast for all apps.

Windows Camera settings

For example, you can adjust the brightness to reduce shadows
around your face before joining the next video call.

If you’ve advanced camera setup, you can also change the camera
rotation, improve the video calls quality by enabling “HDR”,
and turn on/off the Eye Contact feature.

Webcam privacy

In future preview builds, Windows 10 will also
alert you when your camera is accessed by inbox or third-party
apps, such as Google Chrome, Teams, etc. When your webcam
is in use, Windows 10’s taskbar will display an alert icon and
the name of the app with access to the camera.

Microsoft is still experimenting with these ideas and users can
test them by joining the Windows Insider program. For
consumers, Microsoft is planning to launch new features in

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