Windows 10 Start menu recommends Edge to Firefox users

Microsoft Edge for Windows

Windows 10 has been brimming with ads designed to persuade you
into using Microsoft service or Store apps. Microsoft also
advertises or suggests apps and services to users via the
Windows 10’s Start menu. By default, Start menu has a
“Suggested” listings for Windows Store apps and services that
you don’t actually own.

Microsoft has now started to show text ad for its new
Chromium-based Edge in the all apps list. The ad, which shows
up under ‘Suggested’ listing for Start menu, recommends using
the new version of Microsoft Edge.

Surprisingly, the ad is targeting Firefox users. If you have
Firefox as your default browser, you might see the
advertisement or suggestion in the Start menu. Depending on
whether you’re actively using Firefox or other browsers, the
recommendation may or may not show up.

“Still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here,” the ad label
reads and it includes a link to download Chromium-based

Microsoft Edge ad

It also appears that the ad recommending Microsoft Edge
continue showing in the Start menu even if you’ve already
installed it.

Fortunately, Windows 10’s ad pushing can be disabled with a few
system tweaks and it’s worth modifying the settings if you
don’t want to see them.

To disable such ads in the Start menu, right-click the ad when
you see it and select “Turn off all suggestions” option in the
context menu. You can also open Settings and navigate to
Personalization > Start, and disable the following option:

  • Occasionally show suggestions in Start.

Showing ads in apps or OS is not something new. A report
recently revealed that Microsoft is planning on
adding adverts to Wordpad on Windows 10 that encourage
users to try Office web apps instead.

Like Microsoft, Google also advertises Chrome when you browse
its search engine results in non-Google browsers such as
Firefox, Edge or Opera.

Windows 10 adverts can be permanently disabled with a few
tweaks unlike the Chrome ads in Google search results.

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