Windows 10: Selecting default apps for files is about to get easier

Windows 10 default apps for files

Like Android and iOS, Windows 10 also ships with a bunch of
pre-installed apps to improve your experience. If you use a lot
of third-party apps, you may have run into the problem of
Windows 10 trying to open up a file in the entirely wrong

You can ‘fix’ this behaviour by using the “Open with command”
option which appears when you right-click on a file in
Explorer. If you aren’t sure about the default apps for your
file types, you can head to the Settings and choose default
apps for file formats and protocols.

When you open the default apps page, you’ll be presented with a
list of all of the file types and protocols your Windows
installation currently supports. In addition, you’ll also find
associated applications for those file formats.

Choose default apps

By default, Windows should automatically select default apps
for file formats or protocols, but if a file type doesn’t have
a particular app assigned already, you need to click on the “+”
icon and select it.

The problem with this whole experience is that you need to
unnecessarily scroll to search through the long list of file
formats/protocols, and then select the app of your choice.

With next feature update, Microsoft says Windows 10 will
finally allow users to scan the file types, protocols, and
change apps association using the new search box.

This new search box is a great feature for anyone who finds it
difficult to go through the long list of default file formats,
protocols or apps.

Default apps settings

For example, you can now search for the file type “.avi” and
set a new default app – such as VLC – to open files of .avi
type. If you don’t have any compatible app, you can always
download it from the web or use ‘look for an app in the
Microsoft Store’ option, and then select the default app.

If a relevant app is installed on your device, you’ll be able
to open the file type in that app by default.

Microsoft says it has also fine-tuned the search box to enable
faster experience when setting a default app or scanning file
formats, file protocols, etc.

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