Windows 10 retro PowerToys to get a modern UI and new features

PowerToys for Windows 10

The developers of the open-source Microsoft’s PowerToys tool
for Windows 10 are planning to release a new update with new
utilities and improved user interface. This update is still in
the early stage of development and Microsoft could be planning
to release it later this year.

PowerToys for Windows 10 was first launched in 2019 and it is
based on the same approach as Windows 95-era power-user tool.
Towards the end of 2020,
Microsoft updated the open-source tool with some new features
and UI improvements designed specifically for Windows 10.

Microsoft is now working on another big update, which could
offer some much-needed improvements to the user interface.

PowerToys new UI

On Github, Microsoft has posted a
new concept that shows off PowerToys with improved first-run
experience. Currently, PowerToys launches silently in the
background and it makes users wonder if anything actually

To address this problem, Microsoft is working with independent
developers to create a new user interface that would display
the major modules (features of the app) when PowerToys is
launched from the system tray.

A new way to access PowerToys utilities

PowerToys lives in the system tray of Windows 10, but the
system tray support is currently limited and it only allows you
to open settings or end the app process.

PowerToys flyout

According to the roadmap,
PowerToys could soon get a new flyout menu in the system tray
that will allow users to quickly launch the following modules:

  • Settings.
  • PowerToys Run (faster Windows Search experience).
  • PowerToys Colour Picker.
  • Video conference buttons.

Upcoming features for power users

Using PowerToys, Microsoft is also planning to add support for
missing features on Windows 10, such as ‘paste as plain text’
mode and a quick way to end the background process of any app.

The tech giant is working on other features too. According to
the roadmap, there are plans to enable support for a new way to
render smooth fonts on Windows 10.

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