Windows 10 Redstone 5 will bring new edit controls to context menu

New Fluent Design roadmap
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft has made it a priority to make Windows 10 feel and
look more modern, and as part of this strategy, the tiniest
parts of the operating system have received updates.

The context menu, that appears when the user
would right-click mouse anywhere inside the OS, is
getting a new update. It appears that with the next update
Redstone 5, Microsoft is bringing the new modern edit
controls to the context menu.

Windows 10 Build 17692 or newer, you can access the new
content. It works in apps such as Settings and Cortana. The new
edit controls allow you to undo, select all and cut.

New edit controls on context menu
Image Courtesy: Michael West

At Build 2018 developer conference, Microsoft announced the
context menu with Fluent Design and other refinements. Both
Fluent Design and the new context menu are expected to
evolve before the public release of Windows 10 Redstone 5 in

Microsoft is betting big on Fluent Design and the strategy will
allow the company to completely overhaul the interface of
Windows 10, and it’s likely that certain elements, like the
reveal effect, will also expand to the other parts of the OS at
some point in the future.

In a blog post,
Microsoft explains that the new Acrylic material is being used
in light-dismiss XAML controls and like flyouts. Windows 10
Redstone 5 will also bring Fluent Design to AutoSuggestBox
dropdowns, ComboBox dropdowns, Date and TimePicker
flyouts and MediaTransportControl flyouts/overflows.

In other news, Windows 10 Build 17692 (RS5) also comes
with improved Storage Sense that would automatically make any
downloaded Files On-Demand online-only if you haven’t used them
in a while. You’ll be able to access the new Storage Sense from
the  Settings > System > Storage.

With Redstone 5, Microsoft is expected to focus on the
design aspects of Windows 10, trying to make the OS look
modern. The aforementioned changes should be part of the
Redstone 5 update and the other refinements are likely to be
implemented as well.

It’s worth mentioning that the new and improved Fluent Design
is a work in progress and it could evolve substantially before
Microsoft makes it available to the general public. Redstone 5,
the next update that would be launching for Windows 10 later
this year.

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