Windows 10 Photos app updated with improved image editing interface

Microsoft Photos new UI
Image Courtesy: Richard Hay

Windows has always had different ways of viewing photos
stored in local drives and the experience has got better and
modern with Windows 10. The operating system comes with a new
built-in Photos app that lets you view, organize and edit the
media content. Basically, Microsoft’s purpose here is to
provide users with instant access to photo editing tools in

Microsoft appears to be A/B testing a new update for the
Windows 10 Photos app that would improve the image editing
interface. The new interface is more organized. For example,
the editing options – crop & rotate, filters and adjustments
now appear across the top of the app.

For those unfamiliar, “Crop & rotate,” lets you customize the
size of the photos and the other sections are dedicated to
photos filter, contrast and other editing features.

The new version of Microsoft Photos with the aforementioned
changes is slowly rolling out and it would show up on some
devices soon.

For those familiar, Microsoft Photos comes with the following

  • Crop and rotate photos, adjust lighting and color, add
    filters and other effects.
  • Trim video clips, and upload them to YouTube, or other
    social apps.
  • Create new videos from photos and video clips, with music,
    filters, and other effects.
  • Search your collection for people, places, and things that
    are automatically tagged for you.
  • Draw on a photo or video, and share an animated playback of
    your drawing.
  • Edit your video project to change music, camera motion,
    text, filters, and more.
  • Add 3D effects to videos, like a swarm of bees, lightning,
    or a fireball.
  • Enjoy albums and videos created for you automatically–edit
    and save the ones you like.
  • Remix videos to instantly change the look and
    feel–recombining images, music, and styles.

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