Windows 10 Notepad will display alerts when you’re running an old version


Notepad, which remains one of the most popular apps on Windows
10, will start receiving updates more frequently with the Sun
Valley update. In the next feature update,
Notepad will become a separate Store-updateable application
and it will be moved out of the Windows Accessories folder.

By moving Notepad to the Store, Microsoft should be able to
service the text editor with new features and improvements
regularly. Currently, Notepad updates are tied to Windows 10’s
two big feature updates, which are released between April-May
and October-November.

To facilitate Notepad’s upcoming change, Microsoft has quietly
updated the text editor with a new alert box that will remind
users when a new version is available via the Store. As shown
in the below screenshot, the alert allows users to launch the
new version of Notepad after it has been updated via the Store.

Notepad new alert

It also appears that the Notepad app is now able to communicate
directly with Windows Store and it can alert users when a new
update is available for download/installation. These updates
will apparently require users to restart the Notepad instance
and users will be asked to save their work.

This new Notepad is currently live in the preview builds and it
will be released globally as part of the long-rumoured Windows
10 version 21H2 “Sun Valley Update”. If you want to test the
Store version of Notepad, which comes with a new Fluent icon,
you will need to join the Insider program and download the
latest bits from the Dev Channel now.

Notepad update
Notepad now can be updated manually as well

In addition to Notepad, it’s possible that Sun Valley will also
bring other classic apps to the Windows Store. Apps that will
be moved to the Store will have their own section and presence
on the Microsoft Store, and they can be updated without
installing a new feature update.

Windows 10’s Sun Valley update is currently scheduled to launch
in the second half of the year, presumably October or November.
If everything goes as per the original plan, this version will
be finalized in June.

Microsoft officials have already confirmed that the
future of Windows is going to be exciting and incredible.

Sun Valley update teaser is expected in the coming weeks.

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