Windows 10 Notepad could still become store-updatable, separate app


Notepad is still a very popular tool in Windows 10 and in the
previous versions of the operating system. As long as Microsoft
continues to keep Notepad a simple text editor without a bunch
of unnecessary goodies, it is likely to remain popular and
default text editor for users.

Last year, Microsoft decided to make Notepad for Windows 10 a
separate app that could be updated from the Microsoft Store
with features, improvements or fixes.

A Store-updatable Notepad app could have allowed Microsoft to
make fixes and updates outside the twice-yearly Windows 10
feature release cycle. In addition, it also meant that users
will be able to uninstall Notepad and reinstall it directly
from the Microsoft Store.

However, Microsoft last year said it has decided against
including the store-updatable version of Notepad in production
builds of Windows 10. This move was announced after Microsoft
finalized the development of Windows 10 May 2020 Update
(version 2004) in December 2019.

Notepad Store

“Thank you for all the feedback you provided on the Store
version of Notepad. At this time, we’ve decided not to roll
this out to customers,” the company said.

We still don’t know why Microsoft decided against the
store-updatable version of Notepad, but it appears that
Microsoft hasn’t given up on the idea entirely.

Microsoft is still maintaining the Store version of Notepad
with unknown fixes and improvements.

In the first week of August, Microsoft posted the first update
for the Store version since February, taking it to version
10.2007.1.0 from version 10.1912.1.0.

At the moment, the system requirements for the Notepad Store
version is Windows 10 Build 19541 or higher. Build 19541 or
newer is currently available for testers in the Dev Channel of
a future Windows 10 feature update.

Windows Notepad

In the preview builds, Notepad has also received a new icon and
Microsoft Store listing provides us with an early look at its
logo design.

Notepad feature updates

It’s worth noting that Notepad has got quite a bit of feature
updates in the recent past, such as the support for wrap-around
search and an indicator for when there’s unsaved content.

Making Notepad store-updatable could be a great step because it
means Microsoft will be able to update Notepad without having
to wait for major feature updates for Windows.

Microsoft’s decision to update the Store version of Notepad
again came after the rumours suggested that the company might
move to a single feature update per year for Windows
10 starting in 2021.

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