Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.566 is now available

Windows 10 Mobile Calendar app
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A new cumulative update is now rolling out to supported Windows
Phones with unknown improvements or fixes. The May 2019
cumulative update brings Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.566
to Fall Creators Update branch and Windows 10 Mobile Build
15063.1805 to the original Creators Update.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed what has improved or fixed in this
release, but it is likely to be the usual security fixes. The
update may include security fixes for Microsoft
Edge, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows
Kernel, Windows App Platform and Frameworks
and Microsoft Graphics Component.

As mentioned, the Fall Creators Update is receiving Build
15254.566 (up from Build 15254.562. On the other hand, Creators
Update is getting Build 15063.1805 (up from
Build 15063.1747).

Apps to go dark as Windows Phone’s end approaches

In related news, Facebook recently announced that WhatsApp for
Windows phones is set to go dark as well after Instagram and

WhatsApp has confirmed that all Windows Phones apps will be
discontinued on December 31 and some features could stop
working even earlier as WhatsApp would no longer be developed
on Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Like Microsoft, WhatsApp also recommends users to switch to a
supported operating system for continued support.

Microsoft is getting ready to pull support for Windows 10
Mobile version 1703 in June 2019 and support for the last
version of the operating system will end in December 2019.

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