Windows 10 might get a new font rendering system and color picker

Windows 10 fonts settings

After recent Windows 10 updates, managing fonts in Windows is a
straightforward process as you can now use the new font
management options in the Settings app, but there’s always room
for improvements.

Microsoft appears to be working on more feature-rich font
manager and it could come next year via PowerToys. For those
unaware, PowerToys is an open-source app created by a small
group of talented developers at Microsoft and it gives users
access to utilities in one go.

With PowerToys, you can obtain six-digit hexadecimal codes for
colors using keyboard shortcut key combo Windows key + Shift +
C. Similarly, you can use it to create windows layouts for
multiple monitor setup and remap keyboard keys or change
default shortcuts.

The next feature could be a new font rendering system and it
could arrive next year, according to a new update posted in the
of PowerToys. Microsoft says Windows is already great at
supporting a vast amount of hardware, but this new feature
could be useful for those who want their fonts to render

With Windows 10’s upcoming font rendering system, Microsoft
will help users customize the font appearance and those with
higher resolution screens are going to like it.

If this feature is released, users will be able to change the
default text rendering and force symmetric smoothing. For
example, the letters will be smoothed and look sleek in large
sizes, but the end result ultimately depends on how Microsoft
will design the new text rendering options.

Color Picker is getting better

In addition, Microsoft is working on Color Picker v2 that will
use Fluent Design including drop shadows for better
contrast. It will also respect user theme and accent
preference, thanks to the new theme aware API.

Color Picker

The new Color Picker will now allow users to pick a different
shade of color with a single tap on the smaller rectangles, as
shown in the above screenshot.

The new font rendering system, Color Picker and
macOS-like cursor finder will be released next year with
big PowerToys update.

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