Windows 10 may soon tell you which apps are using your camera

Windows 10 taskbar

Microsoft is testing a new feature that will let you know when
your camera is in use when you hover the icon. The Redmond firm
is testing the feature in the internal builds of Windows 10X
and it’s likely that it will be added to the normal Windows 10
in the near future.

If more than one app is using your camera, the taskbar will
tell you how many. For example, if Microsoft Teams is actively
using your camera, you’ll see its name when you hover over the
camera icon on the taskbar. It’s a useful privacy enhancement,
especially if you’re concerned about apps watching you.

It’s worth noting that a similar icon was added to the taskbar
area to inform you when your microphone is in use, and the next
update will let you see which app is using the camera (if

Camera icon

Microsoft is also working on other improvements for Windows 10.
For example,
the tech giant is testing new features for Registry Editor.
This includes a new keyboard shortcut that will allow you to
delete words, so you can quickly customize the Registry

Likewise, Windows 10 preview builds also include improvements
for the legacy tool ‘Device Manager’. In one of the test
builds, Microsoft has added a new option ‘ViewDrivers’ that
will allow you to filter the driver list using the .inf file
format. The .inf file sorting will allow you to quickly
identify information about the drivers for audio, display, etc.

At the moment, it’s unclear when the camera permission icon
will be added to the taskbar or the system tray.

However, these improvements are expected to ship in the fall of
2021 with Windows 10 ‘Sun Valley’ update, also known as version

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