Windows 10 May 2019 Update: The best nifty improvements


Windows 10 May 2019 Update comes with a long list of
improvements and while there aren’t too many new features,
there’s something for everyone. Windows 10 May 2019 Update has
a lot more to offer than
Windows Sandbox, Light Theme and improved Windows Update

Windows 10 version 1903 has fewer major new features than
version 1809, but you’ll notice several nifty improvements.
Here are the ones you’ll likely want to upgrade for.

Preferred brightness remains the same

Brightness settings

In older versions of Windows, the system retained two different
display brightness when the device was on battery mode and
plugged in. Windows 10 May 2019 Update sets just one
common setting for both scenarios.

The brightness simply doesn’t change when you unplug your

File Explorer improvements

File Explorer icon

Microsoft is also updating the File Explorer icon, so it looks
better with the new light theme. You’ll notice that File
Explorer icon now has darker shades of same colours and it
looks somewhat more elegant.

Downloads folder sorting

Windows 10 version 1903 also updates the default downloads
folder sorting. Normally, users don’t change the name of the
file before downloading it and the default names aren’t always
very memorable. As a result, the recently downloaded file gets
lost in the downloads folder.

Microsoft is updating File Explorer to show the most recently
downloaded files at the top of the list irrespective of the
file name. It is worth noting that Microsoft won’t change the
sorting if you’ve already modified the current sorting from the
default in any way.

Task Manager default tab

Task Manager default tab

You can now set your prefered tab in Task Manager. At the
moment, when you launch Task Manager, it opens the processes
tab. In May 2019 Update, you can set your prefered tab and when
you launch Task Manager again, it will now jump directly to the
prefered tab.

Improved RAW image format support

Raw Image Extension

Some smartphone and camera produce raw image files and latest
Windows update dramatically improves native raw file
format support in Windows 10. To improve raw support in Windows
10, users are also required to download the Raw Image Extension
(beta) package from the Microsoft Store.

After installing the update and extension, you’ll be able to
view image thumbnails and camera metadata of raw files right in
File Explorer.

(It is unclear whether RAW image support will make it into
the final version of Windows 10 May 2019 Update).

Reset this PC now has a better UI

Reset PC settings

Microsoft is also revamping the UI for Reset this PC wizard
which is part of Settings > Update & Security Recovery. The
changes are designed to deliver a more consistent
experience across devices and requires fewer clicks to complete
the process.

Improving the Action Center experience

Action Center

Action Center is finally getting the highly-anticipated
brightness slider instead of a button. You can now customize
the brightness directly from the Action Center by adjusting the

You can now also customize your Quick actions from the Action
Center itself. As shown in the screenshot below, you have to
right-click on any action to remove or swap it with something
else. You don’t have to visit the Settings page to customize
Action Center anymore.

Customize Action Center

High DPI improvements

Microsoft has released multiple updates to improve the High DPI
problems for Win32 (desktop) app.

Microsoft recently added a feature to Windows 10 that allowed
users to manually fix the scaling and blurry apps issues. In
the previous version of Windows, this feature was disabled by
default, but in May 2019 Update, Microsoft is enabling the
setting by default.

Scaling settings

Windows can now automatically address some of your scaling
problems with certain Win32 applications and games. It also
reduces the number of times you see that “Fix blurry apps”

Focus Assist is now smarter

Notifications and other distractions can destroy productivity
and entertainment. On Windows, notifications slide in from the
side of the screen and it is distractive.

Focus Assist is Microsoft’s solution to deal with the heavy
amount of notifications when playing games.

Focus Assist

Until now you’ve had to manually toggle it on and off to use
Focus Assist, but May 2019 Update enables it automatically when
the user is playing a full-screen game or watching any content
in full-screen mode.

Time servers

Time Zone

It’s annoying when the clock in Windows refuses to adjust
itself and display the wrong time.

Microsoft is finally addressing this problem and now there’s a
button to sync the PC with a time server manually.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update also
improves the overall performance in two ways – robust fixes
for Spectre vulnerabilities and a separate process for Start

Windows 10 version 1903 is scheduled to go live in late May

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