Windows 10 massive update to bring Windows 10X features

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Last year, Microsoft announced Windows 10X during the Surface
event in New York City, but the operating system hasn’t been
talked about much since. Microsoft also confirmed that
Windows 10X will first launch on single-screen devices, but
it’s not yet clear how the company plans to test the OS.

Windows 10X, which is internally codenamed ‘Windows Lite’, was
originally supposed to run on new dual-screen devices such as
the Surface Neo. In April, Microsoft officials said that it
will first deliver Windows 10X to single-screen devices before
bringing the software to dual-screen.

Microsoft is currently prioritizing Windows 10X for new
single-screen devices, but Microsoft will let you test the OS
on existing single-screen devices soon.

It’s also important to point out that 10X is not supposed to
replace Windows 10 desktop and both versions will coexist.

We’ve now learned from our sources that Microsoft will deliver
some of the promised features for 10X sooner rather than later
and the features would be implemented in Windows 10 first,
which would mean the features won’t be limited to just 10X.

It’s possible that Microsoft will first allow a group of beta
testers to use Windows 10X features on Windows 10.

Windows 10X Start menu

I’m told that the company is exploring Win32 container support
for Windows 10, which could debut as a security feature on the
desktop operating system. Microsoft will allow testers to run
existing Win32 apps “virtually” in a sandboxed environment

During Build 2020, Microsoft officials didn’t mention these
details, but multiple sources have revealed that the company is
trying to figure out how they can make 10X features available
on Windows 10.

Microsoft is also planning to test the trust system for apps
whereby “signed code and apps” with a “good reputation” can be
installed safely on the desktop OS.

Microsoft Store

The real user feedback will help Microsoft address issues with
Windows 10X including Win32 performance and sandboxed

Microsoft could also test new Windows Update experience, which
is said to be faster, on Windows 10.

It’s worth noting that plans are always subject to change, but
at some point, a few main features of Windows 10X should start
showing up on the desktop. We don’t know how and when users
will be allowed to test 10X features on Windows 10.

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