Windows 10 KB5004945 is causing major issues for some users

Windows 10 KB5004945 issues

Microsoft recently started rolling out Windows 10 KB5004945
emergency update to fix the
PrintNightmare bug, but it appears to be causing serious
problems for the printers of some users out there, according to
various reports on social media platforms and our forums.

KB5004945 was released on July 6 with various
security fixes for the widely reported “PrintNightmare”
vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler service. While the
security update has addressed the vulnerability, this patch is
crashing printers from companies like Zebra.

KB5004945 is breaking down printers from Zebra and other
companies. Users confirmed to us that this bug not isolated to
Zebra printers and it is also affecting multiple printer
brands. The bug appears to affect the Print Spooler service and
print jobs disappear without having been printed.

“Same here, all 15 of my ZT220 printers stopped working. We are
the largest fish wholesaler in Hawaii and this has been a total
nightmare today, so stupid,” a user wrote in the forum.
“We are seeing the same problems and the only solution right
now is to uninstall the update,” another
user noted.

Additionally, there are various complaints from affected users
online across Reddit.

The good news is that Microsoft is aware of the problem, and we
should hopefully hear more in due course, according to a
statement from Zebra.

In an email conversation, Zebra support confirmed to our reader
that the printing issue is linked to Windows 10 security update
and is “affecting multiple printer brands”.

Update: In a separate support
document, Microsoft has also confirmed some users might
have issues when printing to certain printers. According to the
company, the widespread bug is hitting printers that are
receipt or label printers and connected to computers via USB.

How to fix Windows 10 KB5004945 issues

As expected, Microsoft has deployed a server-side fix to
remotely address printing failures caused by the security
update. The emergence fix is rolling out automatically via
Windows Update and users can try to force the patch by checking
for updates in Windows Update and then restarting your device.

It’s worth noting that you won’t see a new update or
notification on the Windows Update screen. This update happens
silently in the background. To verify the server-side fix for
KB5004945 issues, use these steps:

  1. Open the Registry Editor via
    Windows Search.
  2. In Registry Editor, navigate to the following path:
  3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFeatureManagementOverrides41861952651
  4. If you see see “1861952651” (KIR) under
    Overrides4 folder, it means the patch has been applied and
    printers should work again.

Remember that this hotfix can take up to 24 hours for complete
rollout on both consumer devices and non-managed
devices. If you do not see the patch, try restarting your

How to uninstall KB5004945

Fortunately, users have managed to address printing issues by
manually uninstalling the cumulative update.

To uninstall KB5004945 and fix the printing
, use these steps:

  1. Open Windows Update via Search or Start
  2. In the Windows Update screen, click “view your
    update history
  3. In the “View update” window, select Uninstall
    to open Control Panel.
  4. Locate the KB ID and double-click it to uninstall
    the update

If you’re unable to remove the patch via Control Panel, you can
also open Command Prompt or PowerShell (admin) and run the
following command:

wusa /uninstall /kb:5004945 /promptrestart

How to manually mitigate PrintNightmare vulnerability

PrintNightmare is a critical vulnerability and it affects the
Print Spooler service which is pre-enabled on all machines. As
you’re probably aware, this service is required for printing
and it is also enabled on devices not connected to printers.

If you uninstall the security update to fix the printing and
other problems, your device will become vulnerable to
PrintNightmare security issues. According to reports, an
attacker could remotely gain access to a domain controller and
take over a whole domain if the bug is exploited.

Thankfully, you can temporarily disable Print Spooler to
protect your device from being affected by the PrintNightmare
zero-day. To manually mitigate the vulnerability, use these

  1. Open PowerShell (admin).
  2. Enter the following command: Stop-Service -Name
    Spooler -Force
    Windows PrintNightmare bug
  3. Enter the following command: Set-Service -Name
    Spooler -StartupType Disabled
    Disable Print Spooler

In addition to printer crashes, we’re also seeing isolated
reports of Blue Screen of Death errors. In some cases, Windows
10 security update is causing a BSOD with a “Critical Process
Died” error message.

We’re expecting Microsoft to issue another patch or workaround
to address the issue soon and it could happen possibly during
the upcoming Patch Tuesday updates cycle.

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