Windows 10 KB4579311 fails to install and causes other issues

Windows 10 KB4579311 issues

After downloading Windows 10 KB4579311 and KB4577671, users
have found that it’s causing a wide range of issues, including
system crashes and endless installation loop.

On October 13, fondly referred to as Patch Tuesday, Microsoft
rolled out the
October Patch Tuesday cumulative updates to Windows 10
version 2004, version 1909, version 1903, and other supported

Microsoft shipped two Windows 10 updates –
KB4579311 for version 2004 and
KB4577671  for version 1909/1903. KB4579311 is a
crucial update as it fixes vulnerabilities in the operating
system and
long-standing network connectivity issues, including the
infamous no internet bug.

As has been the case with September patch, it didn’t take long
for users to report installation issues, system crashes, and
other general bugs.

Users on Microsoft’s community forum,
and Feedback Hub are reporting several issues after installing
Windows 10 KB4579311 and Windows 10 KB4577671.

KB4579311 fails to install with 0x8007000d, ox800f0988

Windows 10 KB4579311 is failing to install for users with the
following error messages:

  • 0x8007000d
  • ox800f0988
  • 0x800f0831
  • 0x80073701
  • 0x80070002
  • 0x800f081f

Note that KB4577671 for version 1909 and version 1903 is also
failing for users with the aforementioned errors.

KB4579311 installation issue

These are most-common error code reported by users and these
usually relate to missing files in the Windows Update, WinSXS,
and other components responsible for processing updates on
Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the old trick of downloading the update manually
from the Microsoft Update Catalog no longer works. Windows 10
installation issues have become par for the course with Windows
Update and users reported the problems last month too.

It’s possible to fix these issues with an in-place upgrade via
Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool, but this option is not
available at the moment.

The major advantage of doing an in-place upgrade is that you
can fix all underlying issues with Windows Update and you don’t
have to delete your files or apps. This process takes the least
amount of time and it’s the safest way to install updates that
are failing.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the third or fourth
week of October to install October patches using Media Creation
Tool. We’ve observed that the Media Creation Tool is updated
every third and fourth week of the month with fresh cumulative

For now, you can pause updates for a while until Microsoft
publishes the update in the Media Creation Tool or irons out
the bugs. You can pause updates from Settings > Update and
Security > Windows Update.

Blue Screen of Death and other bugs

Unfortunately, Windows 10 KB4579311 is also trashing display
monitor for some users, while others have again reported blue
or black screen problem.

System crashes, Blue Screen of Death, and audio issues are
common for some users after Patch Tuesday update. Also, it’s
important to understand that only some users are seeing these
issues and it’s unlikely to be widespread, at least for now.

Here’s a list of issues reported by users:

  • Long download and installation time.
  • Update fails to install.
  • System crashes.
  • File Explorer, printing, audio issues.

Uninstall update

If you do come across these issues, there’s one simple
solution: uninstall the patch and pause update, and wait until
Microsoft (hopefully) fixes the bugs.

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