Windows 10 KB4532695 causes BSOD error for some users

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For some users, Windows 10’s optional cumulative update
KB4532695 is causing blue screen of death—or BSOD critical
errors. The update also causes audio issues on desktops,
according to Windows 10 users.

For some background, Windows 10’s latest optional patch was
released as a fix to another update that caused File Explorer
search issues. While the patch
fails at its primary task of fixing the Explorer issues, it
is also causing a new set of problems for customers.

The blue screen of death—or BSOD—is an infamous issue that
appears when Windows 10 encounters a critical error. When
Windows can’t recover from the critical error due to the
drivers or faulty update components, a BSOD error appears.

BSODs are generally caused by hardware, software and driver
problems, but sometimes they can be caused by issues with
Windows 10 update. Some users are reporting that the optional
Windows 10 KB4532695 is responsible for sudden BSODs on their
computers and some are also reporting slow boot times.

Windows 10 KB4532695

Apparently, BSOD and other issues can be resolved by
uninstalling the botched update, which is optional and it
installs only when you manually click on ‘Download and install’

Our readers confirmed that the update may cause a BSOD:

“I can confirm, got a BSOD after installed KB4532695,” a reader
said. “Same. However I ended up doing a clean install,
installed KB4532695 again to test and now its stable,” another
commenter noted.

Users have also documented the problem on Microsoft community
forum and Twitter.

“My desktop just updated to 1909 and tried to reboot.  It
locked up and won’t boot up.  In fact, it does not respond
to the power button at all.  I can not access the BIOS or
do anything at all.  This update had been a problem in all
my computers, usually slowing down the computer or locking up
the screen. This is the first time that I have been unable to
uninstall the update to regain the use of the computer,” a user
said in
a Microsoft community forum post.

“As soon as I got the latest update, I keep going in these boot
cycles. Just endless, telling me an error had been found. Then
when Windows boots up, it eventually crashes. I’ve
reinstalled Windows from an ISO image, same problems. I’ve
restored from a back up from three weeks ago, same problems.
I’ve come realize that this new update is a huge trouble,”
another user noted who termed this update as ‘crazy’.

It also appears that the patch can conflict with audio drivers
or with your sound card software, and disable audio. Some have
said that the audio stops working after installing the patch,
while others say updating Intel drivers may bring back the

There are not many people reporting the BSOD problems, so it’s
safe to assume that this is not a widespread issue. If you’re
experiencing any issues, your best bet is to uninstall the
KB4532695 until Microsoft issues a patch next month.

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