Windows 10 KB4522355 crashes Start menu and fails to install

Windows 10’s Start menu problem first
surfaced in September and
more users started reporting the issue after applying the
updates released in October. Initially, Microsoft marked these
issues as “resolved” and the company said that it will monitor
the feedback from users.

“We will continue monitoring to ensure users have a
high-quality experience when interacting with these areas,” the
firm said.

In a post on the Microsoft Answers website, Microsoft engineer
confirmed that installing KB4522355 will resolve issues with
Start Menu and Microsoft Edge. While Microsoft has fixed Edge
browser bug, it appears that some users on Windows 10 version
1903 are still experiencing problems with the Start Menu.

Users have reported
that Windows 10’s Start menu crashes or fails to launch after
applying KB4522355. It appears to be a slightly different issue
as the Start menu is not failing with a critical error.

“Part of this update was to correct the start menu issue that
many users were experiencing. However I’d like to report that
this issue is still present and is still a huge issue. We are
trying our best to get off of version 1803 because the end of
life is approaching (November 12th, 2019) however this one
particular issue is preventing us from doing so,” wrote a user
who appears to be employed at an organization.

Windows 10 KB4522355

Like every other Windows 10 update, KB4522355 also fails to
install with a generic error message (0x800F081F ) for some

A user said
that the patch fails to install with the following error

  • Windows failed to install the following update with error
    0x800F081F: 2019-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version
    1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4522355).

KB4522355 could be a nightmare for some people, but it has been
a smooth ride for the majority.

Bluetooth issues resolved

Windows 10 Bluetooth


In an update to its support document, Microsoft confirmed that
a recent Windows 10 cumulative should resolve a bug affecting
the performance of Bluetooth adapters developed by Qualcomm.

This change also means that Windows 10 version 1903 can be
installed on more configurations.

According to Windows Dashboard, the majority of problems have
been resolved in Windows 10 version 1903.

Users who are still experiencing issues should see improvements
after Microsoft deploys Windows 10 November 2019 Update.
Windows 10 19H2 (version 1909), which been touted as one of the
most stable updates, should begin shipping to consumers on
November 12.

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