Windows 10 KB4517389 update is also breaking Start menu

Windows 10 Start menu

Yesterday, Microsoft released new Patch Tuesday cumulative
updates for Windows 10 version 1903 and older versions with a
number of fixes aimed at enterprises and general users.

According to Microsoft’s updated changelog,
Windows 10 KB4517389 finally resolves all the printing
related problems. Some users including small businesses also
told us that their printers are functioning normally after
applying the Patch Tuesday update.

This new cumulative update for Windows 10 also brings security
improvements for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

While Microsoft has managed to address the printing issues, it
appears that some users are still having Start menu problems.
Some users have reported on Microsoft
community forum and Reddit
that Windows 10 KB4517389 also breaks the Start menu with a
critical error, and it’s still unclear what is causing Start
menu problems.

On its support documentation, Microsoft says it has not found
the Search and Start menu issue significantly impacting a large
number of users but the company is investigating the reports
and feedback.

It’s also worth pointing out that we don’t have any reports of
Windows 10’s October 2019 Patch Tuesday updates breaking
computers. Unlike the previous patches, this update is also not
failing to install on PCs.

Windows Update debacle

In the past few months, Microsoft has failed to release a
bug-fixing update for Windows 10 without causing new problems.
In late September, Microsoft released a cumulative update for
Windows 10 to address a number of problems, including a
bug where the audio in certain games was quieter.

However, the late September update fixes affected the printers
and some users also reported issues with Windows Search.
Another patch shipped on October 3 has
reportedly caused issues with the Windows 10 Start menu.

It’s not the first time when users have reported that a
bug-fixing patch is causing other issues. Specifically,
September Patch, Tuesday update resulted in some Start menu
searches bringing up blank results, and some users reported
high CPU usage problem.

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