Windows 10 KB4103727 fails to install on some PCs

Windows 10 KB4103727 installation issues
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Microsoft recently released new cumulative updates for all
supported versions of Windows 10. While the cumulative updates
are supposed to fix bugs, it appears to be causing headaches
for users.
KB4103721 for Windows 10 version 1803 broked some PCs and
it appears that the Windows 10 KB4103727 for Fall Creators
Update also fails to install.

The experience of May 2018 patch on Windows 10 Fall Creators
Update doesn’t seem to be flawless either. Several users in
Microsoft community
forum said that the KB4103727 fails to install. It is
worth noting that only a small number of users are experiencing
such issues and Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged the
installation problems.

Windows 10 KB4103727 fails to install on some computers,
and the users claim that the update downloads, but it won’t
finish installing. In some cases, it throws
error 0x800706be and 0x80070bc. The number of reports
suggests that the same bug happens on several other systems

By the looks of things, Windows 10 KB4103727 is hitting
the typical installation issues and there are no critical

Needless to say, the patches for both Windows 10 April 2018
Update (version 1803) and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
(1709) appears to be causing the biggest headaches for users
this month. The performance is however flawless after
installing the patch.

How to fix Windows 10 KB4103727 installation issues

It appears that clearing the Windows Update cache fixes the
installation issues on some PCs. While it’s not generally
recommended, but you can manually clear the Windows Update
cache and download the patch again. To fix Windows 10
KB4103727 installation issues, and clear Windows Update cache,
do the following:

  • Stop Windows update service: Search “Services” in Cortana
    and open it with administrator privileges. Find Windows Update,
    and stop it using the right-click menu.
  • Navigate to C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution
  • Open the “Download” folder and delete all files in it.
  • Start the “Windows Update” service in the “Services”
    desktop app.
  • Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update
    and download the updates again.

As noted above, Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged the
installation issues and the company is only aware of a single

The majority of systems in the Windows 10 ecosystem are still
running the Fall Creators Update, but many users are
already in the process of upgrading to the April 2018 Update
(version 1803).

Windows 10 KB4103727 advances the PC to Build 16299.431. It’s
not a big update and there are not too many fixes, but the
upgrade is recommended as it includes security patches for
products such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and
apparently the OS itself.

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