Windows 10 KB4100347 is reportedly breaking some PCs

Windows 10 desktop update

Windows 10 is reportedly hitting some weird issues after
installing KB4100347 Intel microcode
update. KB4100347 is a microcode update that is supposed
to mitigate your PCs against Spectre flaw. The update
was originally published in July and it was revised
by the software giant last week.

According to reports from social media website Reddit, some
Windows PCs are no longer able to boot after the update. By the
looks of things, the issue is not widespread.

Windows 10 KB4100347 was republished last week for more
devices with different Intel processor and according to the
claims made on Reddit, it prevents some systems from booting.
No workaround has been found except for the typical removing
the update trick.

“I guess this is a heads up, this weekend Microsoft deployed a
new version of update KB4100347 containing Intel microcode for
Spectre related issues. After installing the patch I’ve already
have five systems that have been rendered unbootable. Most of
them are Xeon E5 v4 based workstations. Be careful if this
update shows up. It’s been giving me a headache since this
morning. From the looks of it on Google I’m not alone with this
problem,” user a_false_vacuum writes in a
Reddit post.

The user posted the installation error details on sysadmin
sub-Reddit and it has been upvoted by 1,000 users.

While it’s hard to determine how many Windows PCs have been hit
by the issues after installing the update, it appears that
issue is not widespread and you should not panic.

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