Windows 10 is now nagging users with full screen Microsoft Edge ads

Microsoft Edge advert in Windows 10

In production builds, Microsoft is A/B testing a new ‘feature’
that is designed to nag users with fullscreen window-less
Microsoft Edge recommendations in the OOBE screen.

The nag will appear when users set up their PC, sign in to
their system after applying updates, or when they click on a
new ad banner within the Settings.

With Windows 10 October 2020 Update, Microsoft has finally
ditched the legacy Edge browser that launched alongside Windows
10 in 2015. Microsoft Edge has been updated to the same code
that fuels Google Chrome and Microsoft is again pushing

recommendation banners for its Chromium-based Edge within the

Microsoft is trying to convince users of rival browsers who are
visiting Windows Settings of the benefits of trying the
Chromium Edge. In the Settings app, there’s a new banner that
appears to be rolling out to non-Insiders.

Windows Settings ad

As you can see in the above screenshot, the advert appears
across the top of the Settings app window, just above the
settings options. The banner states that you can “get even more
out of Windows” and it surprisingly launches the OOBE (out of
the box experience) screen.

The ad/recommendation we saw noted: “With a few quick
selections, you’ll be on your way to enjoying full Microsoft
experience”. The “Let’s go” button opens the full-screen
window-less OOBE screen.

In the OOBE screen, there’s a new page titled “Use recommended
browser settings” that advises users to restore the Microsoft
Edge and pin the browser to the desktop and taskbar.

Microsoft Edge recommended browser

Clicking the “Use Microsoft recommended browser settings”
will set Edge as your default browser and pin it to the

This ad appeared only when our devices were set to use Google
Chrome and Firefox as the default web browser.

The user can easily close the advert by clicking the second
option “Don’t update your browser settings”. If you try to skip
the setup, the pop-up will appear again in future.

Unfortunately, you cannot permanently disable these
recommendations in Windows 10.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft’s rival Google is also
aggressively pushing Chrome to users accessing Google Search,
Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome Store, and other services via
Microsoft Edge.

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