Windows 10 is now nagging users to set Edge as the default browser

In late 2018, Microsoft stunned everyone when it announced it
was abandoning its EdgeHTML-based Microsoft Edge and would
replace its own web rendering engine with the one that powers

To be fair, classic Edge has a lot going for it but also a lot
going against it. There are plenty of reasons for legacy
Edge’s failure, but a significant one is the lack of support
for add-ons and websites.

Chromium Edge, which is the default web browser on Windows 10,
is a better browser with several new features.
Chromium Edge recently surpassed Firefox’s popularity to
become the second most popular desktop browser, but Chrome
remains the most popular browser and there’s still a long way
to catch Google’s browser.

This is probably the reason why Microsoft is now nagging owners
of Windows 10 with banners about Edge in the hopes users will
start using it as the default browser. Unlike other
notifications, this new pop-up in Windows Search is nagging
users to set Edge as the default browser.

Windows Search Edge

As you can see in the above screenshot, the new advertisement
is served in a small box at the top of the Windows Search
window. The banner is being served to claim that Microsoft Edge
gives you best Windows experience and privacy.

It comes with a ‘Apply’ link that you can click to set Edge as
the default if you’re swayed by ads.

If you click on ‘Apply’, Windows 10 will automatically switch
your default browser to Microsoft Edge without manual
confirmation. During this process, taskbar or desktop will
blink or refresh for a moment.

Default apps

If you go to the Settings app and change it back to Chrome or
Firefox, the notification will return.

If you dismiss the notification and reboot your device, the
notification returns again but it disappears later, at least on
our devices.

Over the weekend, we also spotted another banner in the
Settings app that recommends users to start using Edge because
it’s ‘built to bring you the best of the web’.

Banners aren’t annoying, but at any rate, it appears Microsoft
is not yet ready to give up on its aggressive Edge marketing

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