Windows 10 is getting three new shiny features from the modular OS

Windows 10 keyboard and emoji

As we reported earlier this year, the next Windows 10 update
may debut some features from Windows 10X. With a new Windows 10
preview build, Microsoft has finally enabled three new shiny
features from the modular OS, including a new way to copy and
paste your clipboard and emoji content.

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s highly anticipated modular operating
system that is being optimized for Chromebook-like affordable
2-in-1s and dual-screen devices, such as the Surface Neo.

However, Microsoft has already confirmed that the Surface Neo
won’t ship this year and the world health crisis is likely to
be blamed for Microsoft’s shifted focus. While Surface Neo has
been delayed until 2022 and
Windows 10 is set for a major upgrade shift, we will be
still getting features from the modular operating system.

Microsoft wants to test the features of Windows 10X before
shipping the new operating system next year. As a result, you
can get a taste of Windows 10X features sooner than you think.

Emoji Picker

With Build 20206, Microsoft is enabling at least three new
features in Windows 10 for some users, including a revamped
emoji picker which follows Microsoft’s Fluent design

The redesigned emoji picker also allows you to access your
clipboard history, dynamic GIFs and recently used emojis. In
addition, you can even search for the emojis and gifs, which
means you no longer need to hunt for specific emojis, GIFs or
your clipboard history.

Emoji Panel

On top of that, the refreshed emoji + clipboard panel will
support kaomoji and character map (symbols).


Windows 10 Build 20206 also comes with a new touch keyboard
design for PCs. The touch keyboard apparently features its own
emoji + clipboard tool.

Touch keyboard

The new keyboard features updated key sizes and layouts, plus a
new keyboard button on the taskbar to invoke the virtual
keyboard on any PC.

The touch keyboard is more aligned with Microsoft’s updated
Fluent Design principles and it also comes with an inline
search box and support for animated GIFs, emojis, etc.

Voice typing

Windows 10 is also getting a new voice typing experience that
is based on the Windows dictation feature and it is
apparently optimized for both touch and hardware keyboard.

The new voice typing feature, which can be accessed using both
hardware and virtual keyboard, allows you to type effortlessly
with your voice wherever there’s a text field.

Windows 10 voice typing

It also includes support for auto-punctuation, so that you can
quickly put your thoughts wherever there’s a text field without
worrying about punctuations, such as the question marks and

You’ll be able to access the feature using the WIN + H keyboard
shortcut or by tapping the microphone icon on the new touch

It’s worth noting that Microsoft is not promising a release
date for these features, so we don’t whether these features
will ship in the next Windows 10 feature update.

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