Windows 10 is getting support for additional Microsoft products updates

On Windows 10, Windows Update allows you to easily download
feature updates, monthly cumulative update updates,
optional updates, and driver updates. Windows Update can
also detect, download and apply updates for Microsoft products,
which can include the Office productivity suite.

If you wish to receive updates for Microsoft products, you need
to manually turn on this feature from the Settings app.

Starting December 2020, Microsoft will begin releasing updates
for additional Microsoft products such as .NET Core 2.1, 3.1 or
.NET 5.0. Windows Update will also allow you to apply updates
to .NET Core Runtime, Core Runtime, and the .NET Core Desktop
Runtime installers.

For those unaware, .NET packages include tools and runtime
features or new languages for Windows 10 desktop apps.

These installers are either deployed via Visual Studio or as
part of another app. For example, Windows 10 PowerToys app
requires you to install the .NET runtime package.

In other words, .NET Core is currently used to run some Windows
10 apps and Microsoft is now planning to ship updates for .NET
Core directly via the Windows Update.

The first .NET update will show up on your device if you’ve
already enabled updates for ‘Microsoft products’ in the Windows
Update settings app and .NET Core-based programs are installed.

You can verify if you’ve .NET Core runtime packages installed
by heading to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall
updates screen.

Net Core updates

When the setting is enabled and updates are available, you’ll
see it in within the Settings app and you can choose to install
the .NET core updates immediately.

You can always disable these unnecessary updates by heading to
Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update >
Advanced options.

Microsoft product updates

The new .NET core updates for Windows 10 will begin rolling out
to users next week when the tech giant is expected to publish
December’s Patch Tuesday release. This month’s Patch Tuesday
release will include bug fixes for
Windows 10’s broken in-place upgrade process, dark mode
issues, and more.

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