Windows 10 is getting new Android content transfer feature

Your Phone

Microsoft isn’t making another Windows phone, but it has found
a way to make its presence in the smartphone space felt even
without its own mobile OS.

Microsoft’s Android apps are doing really well in Play Store
and one of the most recent examples is the Your Phone app for
Windows 10. Your Phone app for Android and Windows lets you
receive calls, send text messages, browse the photos stored in
the phone, and also mirror phone’s screen to desktop.

Your Phone app initially started out as a way to simply view
photos that you clicked with your Android phone on the desktop
without a USB cable. The app has eventually gained new
capabilities and it looks like Microsoft’s software might soon
have yet another helpful feature for Android users.

In January, we reported that
Microsoft is working on a content transfer feature for the
app that would let you copy and paste content across devices.

In a support document, Microsoft has
quietly confirmed Your Phone app’s new content transfer feature
and it currently works on select hardware only. Microsoft
says the content transfer feature will let you copy and paste
the texts and images between your devices, but images larger
than 1MB may lose its original size.

At the moment, Microsoft plans to offer the feature only on
Galaxy S20, S20+, S20+ Ulta and Galaxy Z Flip devices. However,
it’s likely that a future update will unlock the capability for
all users.

The cross-device copy and paste feature need to be turned on
both devices before you can use it:

  • In Your Phone app, go to Settings.
  • Under ‘Cross-device copy and paste’, turn on the option for
    content transfer.

The feature is not yet available, but we were able to enable it
after modifying the app codebase.

Your Phone app

Microsoft’s new feature is focused on sharing data across both
devices and it uses your WiFi or mobile data to sync the

In some cases, the clipboard text may lose its original
formatting (boldness or colour) and Microsoft is also aware of
occasional connection problems.

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