Windows 10 is getting a major driver update on Intel, Nvidia, AMD PCs

Windows 10 December driver updates

To get your computer ready for future Windows 10 and app/game
updates, making sure that your hardware drivers remain updated
is of the utmost importance

In Windows 10, you can update drivers via the Windows Update,
but users are always recommended to use the driver vendor’s
proprietary desktop program that correctly downloads and
installs driver updates.

This week, Intel, AMD and Nvidia are pushing new driver updates
to systems running Windows 10 version 1709 or newer. The update
comes with important fixes and improvements to make your
computer faster by addressing network connectivity issues,
system crashes, and more.

Intel’s December update

On PCs with Intel network hardware (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), two
new driver updates are now available for Windows 10.

Despite the rollout of
Windows 10’s optional updates, it seems Intel drivers and
adapters are still causing issues for users, with Intel again
confirming that a bug in their software causes connectivity
problems and crashes some PCs.

Intel has previously fixed problems with wireless drivers last
month, but it seems that the gremlins persist.

Intel is currently rolling out a new Bluetooth driver update to
fix issues with multiple devices (mouse, headphone, stylus,
etc). According to the changelog, this update also resolves
Bluetooth disconnection bug with some devices.

Another bug has been fixed where the Bluetooth device may show
a yellow alert in the Device Manager after resuming the system
from sleep mode or hibernation. Intel said that it observed
this ‘rare’ issue on some systems where Device Manager may show
a yellow bang under the Bluetooth section.

Intel Bluetooth driver update

In addition to Bluetooth driver, a new wireless (Wi-Fi) driver
update is also rolling out. As per the changelog, Intel Wi-Fi
driver update patches a critical bug that causes Blue Screen of
Death errors for some PCs.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Fixes random Wi-Fi connections when playing videos online.
  • Fixes Blue Screen of Death errors.
  • Fixes yellow alert message in the Device Manager for the
    wireless adapter.
  • Includes performance and security improvements.

To download Intel updates on Windows 10, simply head to
Driver & Support Assistant tool and check for updates.

Intel December update

You should see the update today or by the end of December.

Nvidia 457.51 WHQL driver

Earlier this week, Nvidia published WHQL driver with version
457.51. This update adds support for RTX 3060 Ti graphics card
and fixes Blue Screen of Death crashes that may occur upon
waking the device from sleep.

Windows 10 BSOD bug has been fixed where some devices will
crash when playing or browsing videos in Google Chrome.

Nvidia457.51 WHQL-certified driver is available for download
through the GeForce Experience app on Windows 10.

AMD Radeon 20.11.3 driver

Like Nvidia, AMD has also released its Radeon Software
Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.3 driver for Windows. This release
adds support for the Immortals Fenyx Rising, Vulkan Ray Tracing
extensions, and fixes issues with a bunch of games.

AMD GPU driver version 20.11.3 also fixes rendering issues in
games when Windows 10’s HDR mode is enabled, but a bug that
causes problems when streaming Netflix app content remains

The new driver is available for download in the Radeon Software

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