Windows 10 gets OpenCL and OpenGL compatibility layers for apps

OpenGL OpenCL compatibility pack

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it’s working on
enabling support for OpenCL and OpenGL mapping layers in
Direct3D 12 (D3D12) for Windows 10.

To enable mapping layers and address compatibility concerns
when OpenCL and OpenGL hardware drivers are not present on your
device, Microsoft has now published the compatibility package
in the Microsoft Store.

The compatibility package is titled “OpenCL and OpenGL
Compatibility Pack” and it’s currently available for download
from the Microsoft Store (previously known as Windows Store).

The compatibility pack is aimed at systems running Windows 10
May 2020 Update,
Windows 10 October 2020 Update or newer.

In the product listing,
Microsoft noted that this compatibility pack lets you run
OpenCL and OpenGL apps on your device when appropriate hardware
drivers are missing or not enabled by default.

Microsoft explained that Windows 10 will automatically launch
supported apps with hardware acceleration feature enabled to
improve performance.

This feature works only when your device and app support
DirectX 12.

It’s also worth noting that only certain apps will be using
this compatibility pack, but Microsoft says it’s working on a
bundle that will allow more apps to use the compatibility
layers. Windows Insiders can get a preview version of this
bundle and use it to run more apps.

Microsoft hopes that the compatibility layer will make things
easier for both developers and users. Currently, not every
Windows machine has great native support for OpenCL and OpenGL,
and the mapping layers will improve compatibility.

OpenCL and OpenGL compatibility package for Windows 10 will
also help productivity and creative apps, so it’s really not
just about games.

Microsoft is encouraging developers to port their apps and
games to DirectX 12. For now, Microsoft hopes that the
developer community and users will benefit from the Windows 10
compatibility layers offered via the Microsoft Store.

If you’re interested, you can head to the Microsoft
Store and download the app.

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