Windows 10 could get a new tool to kill app processes instantly

Windows 10 kill app processes

Windows 10 could be getting a new way to terminate app
processes without opening Task Manager. The idea is a
simplified version of Task Manager that will allow users to
kill app processes or programs which are hogging too much

Windows 10 currently lets you right-click on the taskbar icons
and select the ‘Close window’ option displayed at the bottom of
the menu to close an app, but it doesn’t kill the app process

If you want to terminate the app and its background processes,
you still need to open Windows 10’s Task Manager or
Xbox Game Bar’s Resources widgets where you have to locate
the process and terminate it there.

The PowerToys team at Microsoft is now considering a new
feature called “Quick Terminate” app that will allow users to
end the process of the program using a ‘Terminate’ window or
keyboard shortcut.

In other words, you can soon access a special menu or use a
keyboard shortcut to select ‘terminate’ option to kill the
program (if it isn’t not working – just like you can already do
with Task Manager). This feature, if implemented, will kill the
process immediately without waiting for additional user

It’ll be similar to Task Manager or open-source tools in terms
of core functionality, but it would be easily accessible. Plus,
you don’t have to go through the long list of running processes
to kill a particular app.

According to the roadmap,
Windows 10’s upcoming Quick Terminate app will be included in
an update that will ship sometime next year.

Due to limited resources, Microsoft is currently focusing on
bug fixes and performance improvements for the PowerToys.
Advanced features like the Quick Terminate app and
macOS-like cursor finder will be released next year.

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft is said to be
working on another feature called “App Manager” that will
give a breakdown of running processes on your PC and allow you
to force an app to close.

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