Windows 10 could finally get modern and new volume controls

Windows 10 volume system

Way back in 2018, a
leak revealed Windows 10’s built-in volume control could
get a significant overhaul in a future release. For some
reasons, Microsoft decided to delay Windows 10’s new volume
controls but the feature could be making a comeback later this

In the codebase of Windows 10’s latest preview Build 19577,
there are new code bits of the revamped volume controls, which
suggests that Microsoft is still working on it and the idea
hasn’t been cancelled yet.

Right now, volume controls for Spotify, Groove Music or web
browsers show up in the top left corner on Windows 10 when
music is playing and users press the volume key. Windows 10’s
volume flyout allows users to play, pause, or stop with
multimedia keyboards and mouse.

Music Controls in Windows 10

It appears that Microsoft is planning to move all these
controls to the new volume flyout, which you can access by
clicking the volume icon in the system tray.

Currently, taskbar flyout only allows users to control the
volume of the headphone or speakers, but a future Windows 10
update will also allow you to access the media controls.

The new flyout also shows the album cover of the music along
with the app name that’s playing the music. In theory, the new
flyout should work with all the existing apps that already
support Windows 8 era left-aligned volume flyout.

In our testing, the updated flyout launches only when we click
on its icon in the system tray. It currently doesn’t support
keyboard multimedia keys.

Music Controls

There’s a chance that the new volume controls would become
available for users in the Windows Insider Program later this
year, but the arrival of the updated volume bar is still

Obviously, these changes will not ship with Windows 10’s 20H1
(version 2004 update), which has been finalized and is set for
public rollout in April/May 2020.

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