Windows 10 Core OS leak points to new notifications system

Windows 10 Action Center concept
Action Center concept

We’re over 10 months away from the launch of Surface Neo, so
naturally, the Windows Core OS rumours are beginning to bubble
up. This week we have spotted another LinkedIn profile which
seems to suggest that the Windows Core OS may come with
notifications system and accessibility improvements.

As per the LinkedIn profile, Microsoft plans to
implement an ‘in-context’ feature on the Notifications settings
page to simplify notifications management on Windows Core OS.

“Implement in-context feature on notification settings page on
desktop and notification settings page on WCOS for Windows
Settings,” the profile reads. This once again confirms that
Microsoft is actively contributing to all areas of Windows 10’s
Core OS project, but many details are still not known.

The leaked documents previously confirmed that Microsoft’s new
Action Center experience will provide a clear and consistent
path for users to access the settings.

With new
redesigned Action Center, Microsoft plans to offer an
easier way to modify the quick settings and it also plans to
display the state of the device such as the battery, brightness
or volume levels.

Windows 10 X Action Center
Image Courtesy: Neowin

As per another profile, Microsoft could be working on UI
automation, Narrator and Magnifier improvements for next-gen
Windows 10 X (Windows Core OS).

Microsoft has already showcased Windows Core OS on HoloLens 2
and Surface Hub 2X, but the Redmond firm has never talked about
the OS publicly and officials have never officially mentioned
their plans for a modular operating system.

At last year’s Surface event, Microsoft continued to keep mum
on the details of WCOS and instead the company showcased
Windows 10 X, which is technically based on Core OS.

Geekbench results were also leaked last year mentioning
‘Windows Core System’ and the results were from a Microsoft
Virtual machine.

More details of Windows Core OS and Windows 10 X could be
revealed during the company’s annual Build Developer Conference
in 2020.

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