Windows 10: Chrome to get new antivirus and dark mode improvements

Windows 10 antivirus

Chromium-based web browsers – Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
– can now run smoothly on Windows 10 when antivirus tools are
activated, thanks to a new Chromium update.

According to Google engineer Bruce Dawson, certain browser
functions may not work properly when your Windows 10 antivirus
software or scanner is configured to briefly lock new files.

This problem is more noticeable when your browser is installed
in the system drive and antivirus program has been configured
to scan new files created by a third-party program, such as

As a result, Windows antivirus programs can lead to problems
when saving Chrome bookmarks and other files. To deal with this
issue, Chromium-based browsers will now attempt retrying the
racy ReplaceFile step a few times, which allows the browser to
create a backup copy of the original file.

“This is only done on Windows because that is hoped to be the
only place where it happens,” explained Bruce Dawson,
Google engineer.

“We have a report of the rename step failing reliably with some
monitoring software and it seems that retrying in a loop might
be worthwhile,” Google noted.

As of December 30, the code commit has been merged into
Chromium and it should be included in the next update for the

New dark mode improvements

In a new set of code commits, Microsoft has confirmed that

it will add missing dark mode feature to more pages in Google
Chromium, including video and audio popup menus.

Google is also updating scrollbars to follow the system’s
light/dark theme. In a new commit, Google confirmed that the
upcoming Chrome update will introduce dark mode support for
more browser pages, menu background, text colour, and button

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