Windows 10 Calculator updated with UI changes for Insiders


When Microsoft unveiled Windows 10, it also revamped the
Calculator app in the operating system and made it universal.
It’s a powerful calculator that includes standard,
scientific, and programmer modes to complete complex math,
algebra, or geometry problems.

At the moment, Calculator supports the following feature.

  • It can solve all basics and scientific problem.s
  • It supports base conversions.
  • It can store the history of the calculator.
  • The download size of the Calculator is around 20mb.
  • You can open Calculator in multiple windows, that means
    you’ll be able to calculate multiple problems at the same

Microsoft has just rolled out a new update for Windows 10
Calculator app that gives it a slightly improved look and
brings it in line with the modern approach that the company has
been aiming for.

Windows 10 Calculator

First and foremost, the hamburger menu now has icons next to
the options – Standard, Scientific, Programmer, Date
Calculator, Currency, Volume, Lenght, Weight and Mass and

Microsoft is also implementing the Acrylic effect across the
app and the padding is much more compact as well.

Windows Calculator is a universal app and it can be updated
directly from the Microsoft Store (Windows Store).

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