Windows 10 Build 17744 is now available for download in Fast Ring

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Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 Preview Build with
version 17744 for Insiders enrolled in the Fast Ring. The
latest build doesn’t come with any new features but fixes a lot
of issues reported in previous flights.

Last week we had reported that the Redmond Giant has finalized
the name of its next big update Redstone 5 which would be known
Windows 10 version 1809.

The latest build mainly comes with fixes for Windows 10 version
1809 since its in its final stage of development. Below is the
full changelog of what’s fixed and broken.

What’s fixed:

  • Certain apps crashing when sending Timeline activities in
    previous flights has now been fixed.
  • Insiders complained of Cortana crashing in recent flights
    when launching tips and web searches. This issue has been fixed
    in the current flight.
  • Nearby sharing section of the Share UI was not visible for
    some users, this has now been fixed.
  • Issues related to the contents of Microsoft Edge window
    becoming offset has now been fixed.
  • Issue resulting in the spellchecking menu appearing in
    wrong place when right clicked in Microsoft Edge has been fixed
    in this build.
  • Insiders with Windows 10 in S Mode complained of not being
    able to open Word from a Word Online documents has now been
  • Issue in Narrator when toggling a checkbox with braille
    display has now been fixed.

As is always the case, there are some known issues in the
latest build. Below is the full list of what’s broken:

What’s Broken:

  • Users will experience a bugcheck when logging out of their
    profile or shutting down the PC.
  • Using The Ease of Access Make Text bigger setting, users
    will see text clipping issues in the recent flight.
  • Narrator sometimes does not read in the Settings app when
    you navigate using Tab and arrow keys. As a temporary
    workaround use the Narrator Scan mode.
  • After setting up a Windows Mixed Reality headset for the
    first time on this build with motion controllers, the
    controllers may need to be re-paired a second time before
    appearing in the headset.

As is always recommended, please go through the list of what’s
broken before installing the latest build. The Windows 10 build
17744 is live in Fast Ring and you can get it by going to
Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Check for

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