Windows 10 build 17704 is now live for Fast Ring and Skip Ahead Insiders


Microsoft today is pushing out a new Windows 10 build 17704 for
Fast And Skip Ahead Insiders. The latest build comes with many
new features for Microsoft Edge and a whole new Skype app along
with fixes for lot of issues and improvements. The new build is
part of the Redstone 5 development branch which is due for
release this fall 2018.

What’s New:

  • A new Microsoft Edge Beta logo has now been introduced for
    Insiders to be able to differentiate between the official
    version and the Beta version. The new Edge Beta logo will be
    only visible for Insider preview builds.
  • Microsoft is adding its new Fluent Design elements to the
    Edge browser to give it a more natural experience with users
    finding a new depth effect to the tab bar.
  • A new Setting page has been added for Microsoft Edge for
    users to easily navigate and allow more customization.
  • When clicking on “….” in Microsoft Edge toolbar, Insiders
    will now find a new menu commands like “New tab” and “New
  • Microsoft has now added the option to customize icon that
    appear in Microsoft Edge toolbar.
  • A new setting in Microsoft Edge has been added which now
    lets users to control if all sites can autoplay media. You need
    to go to Advanced Settings>Media autoplay to customize.
  • Insiders will now find a new PDF icon in the File Explorer
    when you make Microsoft Edge as your default PDF handler.
  • Microsoft has now rolled out a new update for Skype with
    this build which brings new latest features to all Windows 10
    users. You can read our article here for the new features to
    the Skype app here.
  • Windows Diagnostics data viewer comes with new features
    with Microsoft providing early access to Windows Insiders on
    what data is being collected to improve the users privacy. The
    Diagnostics viewer app is available via the Microsoft Store to
    provide full transparency to Windows 10 users.
  • A new light sensor has been added on your device which
    helps you to detect ambient light automatically to help improve
    your visibility of the video. You can go to Settings>Apps
    > Video playback, and turn on “Adjust video based on
    lighting”. To make this feature work you would need to have a
    light sensor, to check the same go to the “Display Settings” in
    the Settings app. If you have the option to turn on
    Auto-brightness, you most likely have a light sensor.
  • New Typing Insights option has now been added which now
    shows you insights as to how the AI has been letting users type
    with efficiency. You would need to go to
    Settings>Devices>Typing and click on “View typing
    insights” link to see them.
  • Now installing new Fonts is possible for non admin users
    with Microsoft introducing fonts in Microsoft Store with 1803
    feature update. You will now find two new options “Install for
    all users” and “Install” which allows non admin users to
    install fonts of their choice.
  • Windows 10 Security has now been improved with Microsoft
    providing a new option ” Block suspicious behaviors which can
    be enabled in the Virus & Threat protection section and going
    to Manage Settings.
  • Task Manager now has two new columns in the Processes tab
    which show energy impact of the running process on the system.
  • Display Settings UI has now received some tweaks to the
    Make text bigger section which can be found in the
    Settings>Ease of Access>Display Setting.
  • Microsoft is introducing Quick Actions to allow users to
    easily Go Home, view the time, or launch Mixed Reality Capture
    tools. To launch immersive Application Quick Actions users
    would need to press the Windows key.
  • New Microsoft Font Maker app has now been introduced which
    lets users use their pen to create a custom font based on the
    nuances of the handwriting. The app is currently available via
    the Microsoft Store.

This is a pretty big update with many new features and changes
for Windows Insiders to try out over the weekend. The Windows
10 Build is available to download and you can get it by going
to Setting>Update & Security>Windows Update>Check for

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