Windows 10 Build 17677 is now available for Insiders with new features

Windows 10 announcement
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Microsoft yesterday said that
it won’t be shipping a new preview build of Windows 10 Redstone
5 this week due to a bug but it appears that the software
giant has managed to deploy a fix as a new build is now
rolling out to the Fast Ring Insiders.

Windows 10 Build 17677 is now available for the Windows
Insiders enrolled in the Fast and Skip Ahead rings. The latest
preview build 17677 comes with some new features,
important improvements and fixes.

Windows 10 Build 17677 Full Changelog

Windows 10 Build 17677 introduces improvements for Microsoft
Edge, Narrator, Kernel Debugging, Task Manager
and Mobile
Broadband (LTE) connectivity.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

Microsoft has redesigned the “Settings and more” menu in
Microsoft Edge. The new Settings menu looks easier to operate,
you can find options such as new tab, window and all in one

Microsoft Edge new Settings menu
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Microsoft is integrating the most viewed sites into the Edge
browser Jump List. You can right-click the Microsoft Edge icon
pinned to the taskbar to see a list of your most visited sites.

Unlike the third-party browsers, the Microsoft Edge comes
with “Tabs you’ve set aside” option which can be accessed
from an icon located at the top left corner. With today’s
preview build, Microsoft is allowing users to easily organize
the groups of tabs you’ve set aside earlier. Last but not the
least, the downloads pane in Edge browser finally includes two
new options namely “Show in folder” and “Copy link”.

Narrator Improvements

Microsoft is today improving the narrator’s scan mode with
support for Microsoft Word, Edge browser, Outlook and Mail
apps. The Narrator in Windows 10 preview build has a bug where
selecting forward will get stuck in Edge browser.

Task Manager improvements

Microsoft is also improving the Task Manager with a small
change in how memory used by suspended UWP apps/processes would

Mobile Broadband (LTE) connectivity improvements

Microsoft recently announced that Mobile Broadband (LTE)
connectivity would become available for Windows 10 users with
Redstone 5 update. Insiders can try out the new Mobile
Broadband feature with the latest preview build.

The company explains that the new NetAdapter framework
introduces a new and more reliable, network
driver. Today’s preview build makes MBB USB
NetAdapter driver the default driver in Windows 10.

At this point, Windows 10 Redstone 5 is available for beta
testers only and it’s not yet ready for regular use. Windows 10
Redstone 5 update will begin rolling out to the general public
by end of October.

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