Windows 10 ARM project for phones is getting even better

Windows 10 ARM for phone

Some developers are porting
Windows 10 on ARM to flagship Android smartphones along
with the discontinued Windows Phones. Windows 10 on ARM has
been designed to run on low-powered ARM hardware (the processor

Unlike Windows RT, this is a full version of Microsoft’s
desktop operating system and it comes with emulation support to
run desktop apps which weren’t natively compiled for ARM
processor architecture.

Developers have published software to hack and install Windows
10 ARM on Windows Phones such as the Lumia 950, 950 Xl and even
Acer Jade Primo. The developers are also bringing Windows 10 on
ARM to flagship Android smartphones and these efforts are in
early stages.

According to the report, the devs have managed to address the
battery backup concerns of Windows 10 ARM-powered phones.

“[Dev] added the Processor information ACPI table into his
UEFI, we went from poor battery life in standby to close if not
better than mobile, forgot that phone for 8 hours, and it’s at
57% battery,” lead developer Gustave stated.

Windows 10 ARM battery

For now, Windows 10 ARM is only available for Microsoft
hardware. The independent developers claimed Windows 10 on
ARM can be installed on the OnePlus 6 and is being ported to
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2S.

Full Windows 10 operating system support could land for Android
phones at some point in future, but much of the operating
system is unusable.

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