Windows 10 Alt+Tab menu will receive new updates from Microsoft

Windows 10 Task View
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The Alt+Tab menu is a keyboard shortcut that has been around
since Windows 3.0. This shortcut is mainly used to switch
between open applications. Hence it was called Task Switcher.
This has always been a helpful feature for Windows
professionals as it allows them to switch between recent
applications without needing to use the mouse. This feature is
consistent across the operating system and it has always worked
very well. That might be the reason why Microsoft
hasn’t thought about providing any updates to this

Windows 10 has received a lot of updates from the day of its
launch. A lot of new features are now available with the
Windows 10 April update. Microsoft is already working on other
features with Redstone 5. Some of these new features and a lot
of new features that will eventually come in Windows 10 were
announced by Microsoft at Build 2018. Most of these features
are meant to make Windows 10 users more productive. These
changes have also tempted Microsoft to update their much loved
Alt+Tab menu in Windows 10.

“Sets” is one of the best features that will be coming to
Windows 10 soon and Sets will make use of the new update to the
Alt+Tab menu. Sets allow users to have a tabbed experience
across apps in Windows 10 just like tabs in a web browser. A
particular project may require the use of many applications, so
Sets will make it much easier to switch between these
applications. But faster switching will be possible by
using keyboard shortcuts and not with the mouse pointer. These
apps will be present in the same window and with the new update
coming to Alt+Tab menu, users will be able to switch between
apps in Sets.

Clicking the “+” option on the top of the title bar will open a
new tab and will show suggestions to apps that you may need.
Clicking on an app will open that app in another tab. This is
how sets work. With the new update, pressing Alt+Tab will make
it much easier to switch tabs. Pressing Alt+Tab will show all
open tabs in all the windows. If there are more than one
windows open with many tabs in all these windows, pressing
Alt+Tab will show all the tabs in all the windows as small
thumbnails and you can move around all these tabs by not taking
your finger off Alt and pressing Tab. Removing your finger will
open the highlighted app.

Edge Browser tabs will also be able to utilize this feature.
Pressing Alt+Tab in Edge browser will show all the open web
pages as small thumbnails. Other browsers like Google Chrome
and Firefox will not have this feature.

We can hope this update to Alt+Tab will come to the public with
Redstone 5 but Microsoft as always prefers to ship it when it
is ready.

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