Windows 10 Action Center reimagined in this new stunning concept

Windows 10 Action Center concept

Windows comes with several new and mobile-focused features.
Windows 10 has an Action Center, which is more like a
smartphone’s notifications panel that has quick action
features. Action Center comes in handy to some users and it has
been reimagined in a new fan art.

A concept by designer Samuel Ojeda shows off Windows 10
operating system with an improved and redesigned Action
Center. This concept looks good and everything blends in
well and it’s consistent.

In the concept, the Action Center would pop up as a flyout and
it would enlarge to fit your desktop size when you scroll down.
The concept also shows off Action Center and Taskbar
integration where any quick action can be pinned to any of
them. The designer says that the new quick action could hold
many rows so the user can access all other quick settings and
the media controls.

Windows 10 volume slider concept

It will also show the progress of the tasks and users will be
able to access the media controls for apps like Groove. The
concept brings back the sliders for the volume and brightness
which also works with the mouse wheel and touch.

“In desktop mode, the Action Center will close when opening a
panel like the Devices panel or Progress panel. When opened
from the Action Center, they will show a back arrow in the
title bar so you can go back to the Action Center as it was
previously. This way your screen will be always clean
information won’t overlap,” the designer explains.

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